Interrailing 2016 – 10 Cities to visit

Interrailing 2016 – 10 Cities to visit

Picking your route for Interrailing this summer is serious business. Chances are you’ll probably have a monster bucket list the length of your arm so to make it a bit easier, we’ve put together our top 10 list of places we love in Europe – pick and mix as you please!



We’re just going to say it, this is an All-Star pick for your Interrail trip this summer. Not going would be like putting Lionel Messi on the bench. With incredible Gothic architecture, a seriously laid back atmosphere, the walking tours, the beer, a sheer amount of beer – there’s so much to love about the Czech capital!



We got your attention when we mentioned beer didn’t we? Next stop, Munich! Even if you can’t make Oktoberfest, spend some time in the Hofbrauhaus and the Hirschgarten. Make sure to catch the Glockenspiel story at least once (you’ll have 3 chances per day in the summer so no excuses!) where gorgeous clockwork figures act out historic tales.


Take the road less traveled by and visit Hvar, a small island off the coast of Croatia. You’ll need to get the train to Split (which is also well worth a visit, by the way) and then a 1 hour boat trip to Hvar. It’s a great place to be if you like relaxing during the day and partying at night on some of the private island nightclubs. This is a hidden gem, gaining popularity every year.


Another Interrailing superstar and possibly the most diverse place in Europe. The city is so full of history and culture, you won’t want to spend any less than 3 days here. Some things that you must do are take in the view at the top of the Reichstag Dome, visit the Topography of Terror museum for a trip back in time and catch an al-fresco movie at the Freiluftkino Kreuzberg.


Gaudi’s fingerprints are all over his Catalan home of Barcelona and it’s quite a sight. As long as you’re wary of pickpockets around La Rambla, Barcelona is a must see city for your InterRail trip. Not only does it have a beach going for it (4km of sandy shores!), but it’s also dripping in lots of unusual architecture and museums with the Sagrada Família, Picasso Museum and the Font Màgica, to name but a few. The cable cars up to Monjuic, give one of the best views on the continent plus the nightlife is absolutely nuts!



If you’re interested in art, museums, food, or nightlife, then this is the city for you! The only way to see the city is by renting a bike to explore this beautiful chilled out city. There’s plenty with the same idea though and a lot of them don’t bother with traffic lights so look both ways! Amsterdam is also way up there in the culture stakes and with probably the most unique nightlife anywhere in Europe…

Mostar (Herzegovina)

Mostar is a bit of a hidden gem.  It’s built around the famous old bridge that was completely destroyed during the civil war in the early 90s and restored to its former glory. The winding streets of the old town are great for browsing and shopping.


Biarritz offers surf and French language lessons combined. The sea itself has healing properties, or ”thalassotherapy” as its better known, but really it’s a great option for anyone that likes to chill and relax on holidays. It’s also very near San Sebastian and Bilbao (where you’ll find the Guggenheim museum).

Lake Bled (Slovenia)

Another unmissable experience in your humble author’s opinion. The train journey from Ljubljana is beautifully scenic. If you want to splash out, you can get a horse and carriage up to Bled Castle, a medieval castle overlooking the breath-taking lake. Or if you think that’s poncy you could always spend your time renting a Pletna boat and having the craic (and it is some craic) paddling around the island! A handful of hostels and bars gives an incredibly homely feel and even if you’re there for just a couple of days you’ll likely get to know everyone sharing the breathtaking surroundings with you.


Fancy sneaking some shopping in? If you’ve room in the suitcase you’ll be delighted to know that Copenhagen boasts the World’s longest pedestrian shopping street. If you’re a Dolly Parton fan, visit the Dolly themed Jolene bar in the Meatpacking district. Grab and afternoon beer and take loads of photos around the multi-coloured 7th century townhouses in Nyhavn.

Imagine, you could visit another 22 bloody countries on top of that! Decisions, decisions. Wherever you decide, make sure you check out our 2016 Cheat Sheet first to become an Interrailing Pro. #RidethatRail