Explore Europe with InterRail!


Whenever and wherever you want to go there's a range of InterRail Passes to choose from. InterRail is second only to the J1 as a rite of passage for Irish students, who head off every summer with their trusty Thomas Cook Timetable and packed lunch on the tracks to who knows where!

InterRail Passes are great value for money when exploring and travelling around Europe. The InterRail One Country Pass is perfect if you're staying in one country. With the InterRail Global Pass (valid in 30 countries) you can also slip across borders and fully utilise its potential.

InterRail Passes

InterRail Global Passes are available as a Flexi Pass or as a Continuous Pass. Flexi Passes allow you to travel on a certain number of days, Continuous Passes are valid on every day of their duration. InterRail One Country Passes are only available as a Flexi Pass.